My very first photography memory goes back to my teenage years, and holidays in Morocco with my parents. I vividly remember being stopped in my tracks in front of a mesmerizing blue door, and feeling the urge to take a picture. This memory marked me so deeply that I can still relive that very moment like it happened yesterday. Years passed, I grew up – and after a degree in Journalism & Translation studies, I finally turned to sports for a living and became a CrossFit coach. I have been running my own gym since 2015, and it has been as fulfilling as it has been exhausting…! Photography came back into my life when my ex-companion left his job to become a full-time videographer in 2018. I touched a camera again, and I was hooked. Photography has been the perfect way for me to disconnect from my routine, and to acknowledge my life could revolve around something else than coaching and sports – in a good, positive way. I shoot with a Sony A7 for everything digital, and I use a Canon A1 for film photography. My forever favorite lens is the 55mm. Welcome to my universe!